Aioi USA to deploy 300 dash cams in mobility fleet

We are excited to announce that Aioi USA (AIS) has deployed 300 advanced (AI) artificial intelligence dashcams in the carshare fleet owned by Rideshare Rentals. While utilizing MOTER, our edge computing-based risk analytics platform, we can analyze dynamic data to better understand the unique risks associated with modern day transportation. In addition, Rideshare Rentals can offer another layer of protection for their drivers and passengers with the ultimate goal of improving safety, and reducing claim frequency and severity. Craig Lozofsky, COO at AIS, added: “This project with Rideshare Rental allows AIS to continue to enhance its data science expertise in understanding risk and safety for driving and vehicle operation in the Mobility as a Service space. While providing fleet owners and operators the peace of mind that comes from having information about potential risk.”

YayYo, Inc. and Aioi USA to deploy AI dash cams in mobility fleet

YayYo says subsidiary Rideshare Car Rentals in joint project to better understand safety in Mobility as a Service (MaaS) fleets