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of transportation

We specialize in advanced data science-based products and services to support transportation’s evolution toward a safer, more accessible future.

We are Aioi USA

We are a full-service “insurtech” agency, pioneering driving behavior scoring models that use both traditional telematics and cutting-edge computer vision data. Our work provides the foundation for innovative personal and commercial auto insurance. 


As a subsidiary of Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance Co. Ltd and a member of MS&AD Insurance Group Holdings Inc, we maintain extensive experience in advanced data science, insurance, automotive, and telematics. Our team of data scientists and insurance actuarial professionals collaborate with insurers to handle the unique needs and risks of modern vehicles and on-demand mobility, prepared for whatever new challenges arise. 

Our History

Aioi USA is formed by the parent company as an R&D office with a focus on data-driven mobility insurance solutions.
2020 Aioi USA partners with DENSO and AWS to present at CES an edge-computing solution to leverage advanced vehicle data.
MOTER Technologies is spun-off to commercialize next-gen vehicle data through its automotive data science software platform.
Mobility Data Analytics is formed as a licensed insurance advisory organization to work with state insurance regulators for approval on ADAS-based risk scoring models
2023 June
Our ADAS-data based risk scoring model is approved in Indiana. Leveraging computer vision and advanced analytics, it is the first of its kind.

Modern solutions for
modern mobility

To reimagine the future of transportation, we create shared value through digital transformation. 

We develop specialized insurance products for on-demand mobility using advanced data science. These solutions manage risks effectively, identify “right-size” insurance costs, and adapt to our present and future needs.
Reactive insurance to proactive insurance
We build innovative insurance products that utilize telematics to reduce driving accidents and support transparent claims assessment.
Beyond mobility
We apply our data-driven approach to tackle issues in our environment, healthcare, logistics, and disaster prevention. 

Our team

Kenji Fujii
CEO & Co-Founder
Craig Lozofsky
COO & Co-Founder
Tets Hosoda
Chief Financial Officer
James Makishima
Chief Product Officer & Chief Information Officer
Scott Nelson
VP, Corporate Development

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Powering next-gen technology

We support our partner companies in developing cutting-edge solutions for modern vehicles and on-demand mobility.

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